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How we create business portraits

In her engaging article, Victoria from Katy, TX, unveils her innovative approach to business portrait photography, blending meticulous attention to detail with a dash of humor. She reveals her secrets to capturing the perfect business portrait, from expert grooming tips to personalized scene setting and pose guidance, ensuring each photo uniquely reflects the client's professional image. Victoria's article is a must-read for anyone seeking to elevate their professional presence with a portrait that combines style, personality, and the exceptional touch of a skilled photographer.

business portrait photo studio Katy TX headshots 13 November 2023
How to prepare for a corporate photo shoot ULTIMATE GUIDE

In this article, I explain how to organize a photo shoot and get some great headshots regardless of the size of your team.

how to, corporate, photo shoot 07 March 2023
How do I choose the right clothes

Every aspect of your photographs, from the cut of your suit to the color of your buttons, will affect the way you are perceived. Knowing about the various effects of different elements in advance will help you create a good, lasting impression

clothes, photographer, business photo, photo for resume, photoshoot, portrait 03 July 2020
The Transition to Remote Work

After the pandemic is over, corporate culture will not be the same. Some companies will undoubtedly keep at least a portion of their workers employed at home - the employees and managers themselves, having felt the benefits of working from home, will not want to return to offices, and business owners (having measured the KPI of employees and the savings in renting premises and utilities) will leave only the most necessary employees in the office. Therefore, in order to move on and develop, you need to try to transform your business online as much as possible, paying attention to your appearance and image on social networks and online platforms.
A professional portrait will help you build a reputation and give your business a face.

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Makeup for a business portrait

For a business portrait, you need to do the most neutral makeup; avoid aggressive colors and shadows. Often, it turns out that minimal foundation and lipstick is enough.
If necessary, almost any kind of makeup can be added when retouching photos.

Portrait, photoshoot, woman business photoshoot, make up for shooting 10 February 2020
Business Photo DIY

Make sure your photo conveys the qualities you want your possible employer to see - a portrait for a tour guide and for a banker ought to be completely different, as they're meant to portray different emotions. Choosing the right photo can be the difference between you and all the other applicants to the job - as J. K. Rowling once wrote, "A good first impression can work wonders."

photographer, business photo, photo for resume 12 December 2019
3 reasons to include a photo in your resume

Remember that the professional knowledge and skills of a candidate are always more important for the employer than their appearance, but a photograph on their resume ties it together and makes them stand out.

photographer, business photo, photo for resume 25 September 2019
Beauty inside

Discover the art of finding your best side, insights on embracing natural beauty and self-acceptance through professional photography. Learn how every person's unique features can shine in front of the camera

photogenicity, beauty, portrait, photographer 25 September 2019
Types of business portraits

Which option would you choose?

Professional photography, background, Types of business portraits 23 August 2019
Business portraits for your benefit

Nowadays, if you want to be recognized as the face of your brand, you have to show yourself. Publications in magazines, newspapers, seminars, presentations, and promotional activities have become a fundamental part of the business person and present specific requirements for portrait photography. In this case, a business portrait should draw you in a favorable light, introduce you as successful and self-sufficient, and emphasize other favorable qualities.

Professional photography, business portrait, resume, photographe, success 16 August 2019
Corporate headshot

The importance of a business portrait is difficult to overestimate for it makes the first impression about the company, its employees, the leader, and his character.

business portrait 01 January 2018
A good professional photographer is worth his weight in gold

People expect those who they work with to look competent and a good headshot is just one way of maintaining a professional image. It can present you as decisive and confident, and make your business appear as reliable and competitive.

business portrait 14 December 2017