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Simple steps to make DIY photoshoot

Earlier, I wrote an article ("3 reasons to include a photo in your resume") that produced mixed opinions on whether or not one ought to include their photo in their resume. My opinion remains unchanged - I believe that you need to add your photo to your resume and attach a link to your Linkedin profile (where you should also have your picture).
If, for some reason, you do not want to entrust a professional photographer with the task of taking your portrait, I have some advice.
• The picture should, first of all, have turned out well: it should be clear, of good quality, portrait-length, yet not as formal as a passport photo.

• The face should be visible, taken close-up, with a confident look and restrained friendly smile. Don't cover your mouth with your hands or support your chin; these poses may indicate low self-esteem.
• The clothing style should be business casual or business formal, and calm - no open shoulders, unusual necklines, bright colors, unbuttoned shirts (for men), and excessive jewelry and cosmetics (for women).

• The background of the photo may either be neutral or create contrast. Try to avoid flashy, bright, or unconventional colors.
Make sure your photo conveys the qualities you want your possible employer to see - a portrait for a tour guide and for a banker ought to be completely different, as they're meant to portray different emotions. Choosing the right photo can be the difference between you and all the other applicants to the job - as J. K. Rowling once wrote, "A good first impression can work wonders."

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