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Types of business portraits

Most of you probably have an idea of what constitutes a business portrait - you see it as a studio shot with a neutral background. I'd like to tell you that the shoot can be different, and you may like one of the other options more.
There are several types of business portraits.
1. At the top is a business photo session in an interior - a studio or, if the design of the office allows, directly in the workplace. This option is suitable for top management, as well as ambitious people who wish to support a specific image.
2. The most common choice is a classic business portrait in a studio, with a plain background of neutral tones. This is the most rigorous and conservative choice, best suited for business portraits without excess and creativity.
3. The third possibility, however, follows from the second one - shooting in a studio on a bright and unusual background, an excellent opportunity for those who want to emphasize their individuality and express themselves. The background can be of any color and shade, in accordance with your desires.
4. The fourth option is an exit photo shoot, set in a company's office, which deals with a large number of employees in a short period of time.
5. On-site photoshoots - with backgrounds such as that of a business center, cafe, co-working area, and so on - are a good alternative. The resulting pictures are best suited for publication in magazines, ---------------- articles, and desires for a business portrait on an “active” background.
Which option would you choose?
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