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Types of business portraits

When it comes to business portraits, many of us envision the classic studio shot against a neutral background. However, there's a world of possibilities beyond this traditional approach. Let's explore the different types of business portraits available, each offering its unique style and appeal.
1. Interior Business Photo Session: For executives and professionals looking to convey authority and sophistication, an interior business photo session is ideal. Whether in a studio or directly at the workplace, this option captures individuals in their professional environment, enhancing their image and credibility.
2. Classic Studio Business Portrait: The timeless choice of a classic studio business portrait with a plain background exudes professionalism and reliability. This conservative option is perfect for those seeking a refined and traditional look without unnecessary embellishments.
AI-Generated Background: There is a possibility of a customized background tailored to your marketing objectives and aspirations.
4. In-office Business Photoshoot: Designed to resemble a classic in-studio headshot session, the in-office business photoshoot brings the studio to your company's premises. We provide the necessary guidance, equipment and background, ensuring a consistent and professional look across all images. This option is ideal for efficiently capturing a large number of employees within a short timeframe, maintaining quality and uniformity throughout.
5. On-site Business Portraits: Set against dynamic backgrounds like a bustling business center or a trendy cafe, on-site business portraits offer a modern and energetic vibe. These images are perfect for magazine features, articles, and individuals looking for a vibrant and active backdrop.
Natural Light Photo Shoot: Experience a distinctive aesthetic characterized by the enchanting play of natural light and the allure of shallow depth of field. Our natural light photo shoots exude sophistication and contrast, resulting in captivating images that resonate with timeless elegance.
Creative Portraits: If you want something different, there are many unconventional ways and tools for creativity, different lighting techniques to showcase personality and mood, and options to use props or surprising angles. This type of portrait better suits artists, musicians, and dancers.
Which option would you choose?
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