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Business portraits for your benefit

Today, a business portrait has become one of the most necessary components of a business person's image. After all, it is difficult to imagine a modern entrepreneur in complete isolation from social media and our technologically-based society.
Nowadays, if you want to be recognized by you and your brand, you have to show yourself. Publications in magazines, newspapers, seminars, presentations, and promotional activities have become a fundamental part of the modern business person and present specific requirements for portrait photography. In this case, a business portrait should draw you in a favorable light, introduce you as successful and self-sufficient, and also emphasize other characteristic qualities.

How does one make an impression?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a professional business portrait. When you see a photo of someone, you immediately construct an idea of who they are in your mind. A business portrait allows your marketing message to have a face, a crucial element in today’s work - a headshot taken by a professional photographer will always be a valuable marketing tool in a variety of fields.

A professional business headshot can be used everywhere: on a corporate website, on a company's annual reports and even just on business cards. It contributes to improving personal contact with customers and partners, therefore increasing trust in your brand. Among the useful applications of a business portrait are the following:

- Social networks

- Corporate websites or Internet

- Marketing, press (interviews, comments of company employees), advertising

- For corporate communications, investor relations and partners

- Email messages

-Business cards

I would like to give you some tips for choosing a photographer for a business portrait:

1. A photographer should always be on the same page as you, listening to all your wishes and ideas and simultaneously giving you advice.
For example, a good photographer advises you on which color scheme and style - i.e. background, clothes, facial expressions - is best for your needs, all while taking your personal preferences into account.

2. The photographer must properly retouch your photos, taking into account your personality and the characteristics you wish to display on your headshots - he must customize his editing process to each appearance and personality. This must be done while still retaining the general appearance of the person - if portrait similarity is lost, people will be subconsciously unsure of you. A camera picks up all of the small facial features that the human eye does not always notice, and a competent photographer knows what to hide and emphasize.
3. The photographer should create an optimistic, comfortable atmosphere, because all of your emotions are visible in a business headshot; your facial expressions should be natural. After all, this can also be explained by psychology, looking at your picture for the first time a client will see a calm, confident person and your mood will also be transferred to him, and the client will understand that you can be trusted and you can deal with.
4. And finally, if you don’t like the result, the photographer should always listen to your comments and correct the photos. If you are still not satisfied, he ought to give you a refund.
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