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Corporate headshot

Any company is interested in ensuring that employees are presented in the best possible light. A manager or another employee seeks to advance through the ranks. For a manager is of great importance, what impression he makes on partners. As you can see, creating a business portrait is important in different situations.

The goals of a business portrait

The business portrait has many uses. Any publication in the electronic or paper media implies the presence of a photograph of the speaker. Photos are printed in the press, placed on websites, and, logically, many more people view them than personally meet with a person. In most cases, they contribute to the formation of new contacts with partners and clients, allow significantly increase the corporate potential of any company in the future, and contribute to improving its image.
The importance of a business portrait is difficult to overestimate for it makes the first impression about the company, its employees, the leader, and his character. A business portrait or corporate headshot is a kind of personal presentation. This kind of photo is worth having for such public people as top managers, politicians, and businesspeople.
A quality business portrait brings you one step closer to success. This is your business card, which presents you and thereby helps you to find potential clients, employers or partners. Partners, investors, customers and even competitors want to know the faces of those with whom they are dealing
It is worth noting that a quality business portrait is needed not only for successful people in business and managers. Even young employee's resume requires having a photo that reflects both individuality and professionalism. Otherwise, the person risks being perceived as an incompetent and even careless in the eyes of a potential employer.
Therefore, a quality photo is a necessary addition to the image, and it is better to entrust it to a professional. A professional photographer will be able to see the individuality in the appearance of the person.

Key elements of a successful business headshot

The color palette, facial expressions, hairstyle, pose, interior, the position of hands, accessories - everything becomes especially important when a professional photographer is in charge. The correct business headshot should reflect the character and mood of the person depicted in the pictures. The portrayed person should radiate strictness, benevolence, and confidence. The result can hardly be considered successful if there's no life and passion in the photographs. The right photo will undoubtedly make a person stand out as a professional in his business.
One of the features that distinguishes a quality business portrait is the presence of a certain context for the viewer. Details that add context to the picture play an important role in telling a person's story. The first one is location.


Choice of place depends on your type of business, corporate style, and the look you want to achieve in the photographs.
Your working space defines your work style and tells the viewer where you spend most of the time at be it a restaurant or construction area. Choose to make photographs at your working space, surrounded by objects relating to your immediate activities if you want to add meaning and context to the picture. It can be an interior of a house if you sell real estate or your office if you are an HR professional. Creative agencies may opt for taking photographs in their meeting room with a unique interior to show where the brainstorms take place and where groundbreaking ideas are born.
Photographs taken against the background of the business market area reflect the idea of being a part of a corporate world.
Business portraits in the studio are most often made on a neutral background with head and shoulders in the frame, less often the person is portrayed in full height, and they look glossy and polished.

Choose a studio photo session to get a minimalistic look and focus all the attention on your persona.

There are also interior photo studios where you can make use of many different backgrounds, textured walls, floor to ceiling windows, and props, armchairs, tables.
Among other things, a business portrait requires the use of corporate symbols and related accessories. Clothing is chosen mainly in dark and monochromatic colors: green, gray, blue, brown, etc. to make the person's face in the photo the center of attention.
Even though there are many aspects to creating a good image, time is also a decisive factor, since not everyone can fit a photo session in a busy schedule. So many people want to know how long it takes to create professional photographs.


The in-studio headshots take about 5 minutes for one look (i.e., head and shoulders). If you decide to use different backgrounds, props, and accessories or change outfits photo session can take up to 30 minutes. There is no additional fee for these changes in Candy Fox Photo Studio in Katy, TX.


It varies depending on the photographer’s skill level, session fee, services included in the package, and location. The price for a corporate headshot in Houston, TX can range from $125 to $900.

For example, the business portrait package in Candy Fox Studio costs $145 and includes:

- Complimentary consultation during which we create a concept of a photo shoot, choose a location, clothes, and style.

- Session fee.

- Studio and equipment use.

- 3 - 5 high-resolution custom edited images with copyrights.
Your retouched portraits are delivered via download link within a week. The photos that you receive after the photo session will become a visualization of your business qualities. They are perfect for printing in official documents or the media and can be used in social networks.

*The work of a makeup artist or stylist is not included in the package.
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