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3 reasons to include a photo in your resume

Thanks to my work, I often come across recruitment managers and business owners. In the process of interacting with such people, I often wonder how important the applicant's photo is and what the advantages are for candidates who choose to include one in their resume.

Generally, the presence of a photograph in a resume is not the first element of importance unless the work implies a model appearance, as is the case with models in the fashion business. However, I think that is not so simple.

In the era of modern technology, we are all used to visualizing information. Thus, a photo in a resume is another opportunity to draw attention to oneself and catch the eye of the potential employer responsible for deciding whether or not to schedule an interview.
Reason 1 – Let the employer visualize you.

Resumes with photos have a more personal feel than plain text and serve as a first impression. A resume with a photo instantly acquires a face and perception of the information immediately becomes colored: before the HR manager is a unique person with physical characteristics and a personality. Therefore, it is essential to attach a picture to your resume because, after reading it, the HR manager must associate it with a face. In addition to that, the trend towards visualization will only intensify. Video interviews and summaries are becoming more and more popular - we will not let go of the habit of wanting to see one’s face if we can avoid it.

Reason 2 – Reassure the employer that you are who he needs.

A photo is an additional confirmation that you are the one the employer is looking for. An HR manager analyzes resumes for the eligibility of candidates to occupy vacant positions. He has his own understanding of how a suitable candidate for a particular position should look, and if there is nothing repulsive in the candidate's photo and it looks "professional," he mentally checks a box for appearance on their application. The photo is considered to be an addition to your resume and a confirmation of some personal qualities and competencies that you indicate in it (the same presentable appearance, sociability, and openness), but don’t think the HR manager does not remember that appearance is deceptive.

Reason 3 – Make yourself look like the money you want to earn.

In the photo, you should look fitting for the salary you want to be paid and your image should correspond to the position to which you declare yourself.

Remember that the professional knowledge and skills of a candidate are always more important for the employer than their appearance, but a photograph on their resume ties it together and makes them stand out.

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