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Certificate for Love story photo shoot - an original opportunity to express your feelings

Make a gift to your beloved date, for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion. There is hardly a more touching and romantic present.

Certificate for photo shoot, gift, Love story photo shoot, family photoshoot 31 January 2021
Choosing Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones

“If you try to buy Christmas with a credit card, you'll miss the point. It's not for sale. True Christmas spirit can only be given away and the price it demands is a piece of your heart.” ― Toni Sorenson

Christmas, Gifts, certificate, photo, photoshoot 07 November 2020
Our Thoughts on Quarantine

Our studio will continue business as usual until a case of the coronavirus is detected in Katy, Texas. This way, we will offer our services for as long as it is safe for both ourselves and our clients.

family portrait,Family photography,senior photo shoot, senior photography, senior photo session 17 March 2020
Love Story Photosession

My photos will always be about you. About how you are - different, real, beautiful.
My photos are about my love for you, which I see and show through my lens.

Love Story Photosession, family photography, photographer, emotions, gift 10 February 2020
Tips, ideas, and more for your next family photoshoot

If you plan a joint trip with friends and relatives outside the city (such as an anniversary, a trip to another country, a picnic, or a festival), combine it with the photo shoot. Professional photos covering the event will be a unique and memorable gift for everyone.

With preparation, your family photo shoot will produce genuine photos that show the true relationships and interactions between family members.

Professional photography,Family photography,family portrait,professional photographer 16 December 2019
Family and emotions

It is a great honor to be the person to whom people open the doors of their life and show what true love is. I look at family photos from a dynamic, reportage photo shoot much more often and get a charge of vigor and energy from these works.

Professional photography,Family photography,family portrait,professional photographer 24 March 2019
What to wear for family photos

In the article you will learn in more detail how to find the right clothes for a photo shoot and how to make successful choices in regards to the color and style of the outfits.

family portrait 16 May 2018
Family photo shoot - what to expect and how to prepare

To begin with, it is necessary to understand how the family photo session of your dream looks like. What is more important for you: good lighting and polished look, a warm atmosphere of your home or an airy outdoor feeling of the beautiful locations?

Family photography 22 January 2018