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Family and emotions

Today, I would like to tell you a little more about myself and my work - specifically family photoshoots. For me, family photography is first and foremost a story - family history, on a particular day, at a specific moment in life.
I understand the importance of preserving a part of a story, not just to keep, but to convey the atmosphere, emotions, and dynamics of a specific moment in each photo. It is not that I am against a staged photo, but based on my own experience, I look at family photos from a dynamic, reportage photo shoot much more often and get a charge of vigor and energy from these works.
They attract to themselves the real, touching sincerity of feelings and soulfulness.
With everyone who comes to me for a photo session, I try to establish contact to see and capture the real person and emotions on a photo, so that a person looking at this photo sees that exact moment and himself, not just a staged picture with a stretched smile.
I always run a lot on every family photo shoot, anticipate Important moments, kneel and lie flat on the ground - this is when I get beautiful children's portraits that cannot be obtained in any other way.
It is a great honor to be the person to whom people open the doors of their life and show what true love is. After all, I work with many people, often more than once, and we have established not just a client-photographer relationship, but a friendship. There are even people for whom I have photographed a wedding, then a newborn, and then multiple family photo sessions - preserving the entire story for people and allowing them to relive it through memories.
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