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Family photo shoot - what to expect and how to prepare

Photos in the family album, gallery wrapped canvases and beautifully framed photographs on the walls symbolize timeless human values, such as love and connection between generations, strong relationships between close people. Life comprises of many pleasant moments: from big family events and celebrations to very small ones, like a stroll in the park, or preparation of a festive dinner. Every such occasion can remain in memory as an important event in the life of the family.

stroll in the park family outdoor photo shoot
family photo shoot sisters
At the same time, family photo shoot requires serious preparation and makes a great number of questions arise. Therefore, it is important to get ready for the photo session properly, in order for it to be smooth, easy and fun!

Set and setting

To begin with, it is better to understand how the family photo session of your dream looks like. What is more important for you: a good lighting and a polished look, a special atmosphere of your home or an airy feeling of the outdoors and beautiful locations.
family studio photo shoot dark blue
If you want to get glossy photos with a magazine look and a postcard aesthetic,

then a win-win option is shooting in the studio. You can come to the studio at any convenient time, not depend on the weather conditions and controlled lighting guarantees you images of the the best quality.
Studio photo session will give you colorful, expressive and simple portraits.
family photo shoot at home
If it is crucial for you to keep the atmosphere of warmth and comfort of your home,

then the documentary style is what you need. House is an important part of family history, and if you decide to make a photo session at home, you have the opportunity to play scenes from family life: having fun with children, playing with pets, singing. Photos will help your children remember how great it was growing up in your beautiful home!

Family dinner, for example, is a good idea for a photo shoot. Elegant dishes, fruit, flowers and a beautiful table setting are an excellent entourage for family photos. Or, alternatively, the breakfast. Mother is cooking a morning meal, father is reading a morning newspaper or viewing morning mail, children are running around.
family on location photo shoot
Do you have a favorite park or a picturesque natural location, where you often spend time with your family?

Why not have a picnic or walk along the river at sunset? Unleash your imagination and think about what exciting photos can be made!
Take your pets, favorite children's toys, musical instruments, something that will distinguish your family from any other, and help to add a special mood to the family portrait.

On timing

Agree on the time of shooting comfortable for your children. If they tend to sleep during the day, and are usually capricious in the evening, never assign a photo session for these periods of time. I strongly prefer golden hours – sunset and sunrise. Following these rules will guarantee a successful family photo shoot.


Discuss the concept and style of the photoshoot with the photographer in advance, and choose appropriate clothes. Do not forget that clothing and accessories are only auxiliary tools designed to achieve the desired result: to show close relationships in the family and your tender feelings to each other.

Choose the clothes that you like, and which you are really comfortable in – it will make you feel confident. This applies to children too: happy kids who can move freely in their outfits are much more fun to work with. Think classic if you want your photos to look timeless and consider your location so that the clothes match the surroundings.

If the clothes of all family members are in the same style and colors, it will give the pictures a spirit of unity. Note: coordinate colors and looks, but do not wear all the same colors. This does not mean that clothes should be exactly the same, but, for instance, the accessories of some family members may be the same color as the clothes of the others, e.g. gloves, hats, belts, scarves. It is recommended to choose 2 colors as your primary color palette, then consider other neutral colors such as black, white, grey.

However, since the people in the photograph are of the priority, it is better to opt for clothes with minimum patterns, fine prints, and little details, as they will drive attention away. Avoid characters, brand names, logos, graphics on shirts, and white sneakers for they can be very distracting. Instead, make use of accessories to add dimension and richness to the picture and show your unique personality.
A photo session is undoubtedly a responsible, expensive and time consuming event, and you want everything to go well. Despite the fact that on the day of the photo session unforeseen circumstances may occur, for example, important things can be left at home, you should remember that there is nothing more important than the people. After all, the main goal of a family photo shoot is to capture that special family atmosphere, mutual love, respect for each other.
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