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Family is something we all cherish - it is both a net to fall back upon in difficult times and an island of comfort where you can relax and be yourself.

Flipping through your family photo album, you may experience pleasant nostalgia, a tint of sadness, and a warm smile... Family photography is one of the most delicate and secretive genres. In the circle of relatives, you do not have to act out joy and draw a smile on your face. With loved ones, one experiences the most sincere and warm emotions, which make the picture magical on their own – all that remains for the photographer is to encircle them with the proper surroundings. Each photo holds a moment in time still, capturing the unspoken story of who you and your family were at the time.

How does one prepare for a family photo shoot?
The success of a photo shoot relies on the joint work of both the photographer and the models. This begins long before the actual shoot – it starts with thinking about places where you may want to take pictures, ideas for them, and clothes you want to wear. In preparation for the shoot, you may find it helpful to consider a few simple recommendations:
• It is necessary to sleep, relax, and eat. This is especially true if the family has small children – they must be well-rested and full. It is best to choose morning or evening time – that is when the light is most favorable to the photographer. Even it is planned to organize a picnic as a photo opportunity, a snack before the photo shoot is necessary.

• Plan ahead. Often, mothers are so passionate about gathering and preparing the family, clothes, and props that there is absolutely no time left for their own hair and makeup. At the last moment, unforeseen events and questions may arise, requiring an urgent solution – the mother ought to leave time for herself - enough to prepare herself properly (to wash, dry, and style hair, apply makeup, choose clothes, and still have some spare time for possible problems or ideas). C in the impeccability of one’s appearance shows on a photograph and helps the photographer get some good shots.
• Prepare the head of the family. As a rule, the woman of the household is the one who takes initiative to have a family photo shoot, while men agree to such “adventures” with caution and even reluctance. Convince your spouse or father that his presence, kind look, and slight smile are necessary.

• Focus on family traditions. These include games, activities, events, or places you visit. If you like to eat ice cream on Sundays, why not take a few shots by the shop with a few cones of colorful ice cream?
Wardrobe Tips

Clothing is an essential element of a successful photo shoot. Plan out everyone’s outfits so the colors of all the family members are in harmony with each other. Do not dress too officially - let your clothes be things in which you will feel confident and at ease.
Earlier, I wrote some other articles that will help you prepare for the photoshoot, such as “WHAT TO WEAR FOR FAMILY PHOTOS” and “FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT - WHAT TO EXPECT AND HOW TO PREPARE” .

Choosing a place for a photo shoot on the street

The heat is already subsiding, and it has become favorable to some to take photos on the road – in parks and gardens.

The place for a photo shoot is best chosen based on your preferences. We live in a beautiful area, and in most cases, the weather contributes to excellent shots.

Good times for a photo shoot are somewhere during the early morning (8 - 9 a.m.) and golden hour (an hour or so before sunset).

Based on my experiences, here are a few ideas where you can arrange a photoshoot:

• in your backyard or garden

• a city park, garden, or forest – natural areas with lots of trees and greenery

• in a meadow or field – these places are wild yet subtle, not taking away too much attention from the people on the photographs

• near bodies of water, such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans

If you plan a joint trip with friends and relatives outside the city (such as an anniversary, a trip to another country, a picnic, or a festival), combine it with the photo shoot. Professional photos covering the event will be a unique and memorable gift for everyone.

With preparation, your family photo shoot will produce genuine photos that show the true relationships and interactions between family members.

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