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How do I enroll in a photo shoot? How much in advance to schedule the date?

It's effortless to make an appointment for a photo session- just contact me in any convenient way for you. Together we will choose a suitable day and discuss the details. If you are planning a photo session in the studio on the weekend, then it's better to make a booking two or three weeks before the scheduled date, and even earlier. This is valid for the period from November to March when due to a short light day and cold weather, the number of people wishing to take pictures in a warm and cozy studio is increasing.

How long does the session usually last?

The optimal time for a family session is one hour. As per studio portrait photo, it takes 20 minutes on average to make five quality photographs. Photographing babies is rather hard work so the newborn photo session can last up to 3 hours (a good opportunity for parents to take a nap)! Newborn photography takes the most time, but the session time can be shortened if you follow the recommendations in the following article.

How much do your services cost?

There's a detailed breakdown of the rates for the entire range of my services at rates section.

For convenience, I made a few packages, so you can always pick the one that best suits your preferences.

The cost comprises of the session fee that encompasses my time spent both in pre-production (consulting the client, setting up the equipment) and post-production (culling and editing images), cost of materials (batteries, equipment, and its maintenance).

How do I pay?

Payment takes place fully on the day of the shooting - in cash, by card or via Paypal. We also take checks.

Do we need to meet before shooting?

The meeting is not a prerequisite - all questions can be solved in absentia by phone or in electronic correspondence. If you would like to meet in person to discuss the details I will be more than happy to meet with you.

What do you recommend for a photo session - a studio or location?

The choice of location depends on what look and style in the photographs you want to achieve. The overall technical quality of in-studio photo session will be better so if you are planning to print larger than 16x20, choose a studio. A studio is a place where you can make glossy photos with the help of unique interior, different backgrounds, and quality lighting.

At home, you can make a beautiful series of natural and personal pictures about your family, about the atmosphere that surrounds you. This is a kind of photos that will bring a smile to your face for the years to come. And it’s a good reason to get this house cleaned after all!

I love to shoot outside in early hours when the sun is low and warm, and the shadows are long. If your kids tend to get bored fast, it might be your first choice. Outdoors photoshoot tends to be the longest and most relaxed.

How to book a studio?

I own a studio with a state of the art equipment in Cinco Ranch, Katy, so a booking process is easy. The only thing you need to do is write me a message at 713-560-7859 with your name, date and time of the arrival.

What should I wear?

For a business portrait, your image must fully comply with the dress code accepted by the company, it must be thought out and consist of things that match in color and style. Read a complete preparation guide here.

For example, for a family photoshoot, style and color of clothes you decide to put on must match with the chosen location and theme of the photo session. Otherwise, your portrait will lack cohesion, and your family will look like a group of random people. Read a complete preparation guide here.

I want to use the services of a make-up artist or hair stylist how can this be done?

If you want to use the professional help, I recommend Katy Mobile Studio. Jeannette does a great job and can style your hair and do makeup.

If you are planning to prepare yourself, arrive with your everyday fresh and basic natural makeup. The only thing I recommend to bring along is a lip liner. Avoid glitter in makeup or hair products. During the editing, I can enhance or correct it.

Who is choosing the final images from the photo shoot?

I select the best images by carefully comparing the photos, and then edit them.

How soon will we receive our photos?

It takes from 3 to 14 days for me to edit photos, depending on the package chosen and the degree of my workload. I give pictures in a digital format in both high resolution for printing and smaller size for quick browsing and downloading to the Internet. Photos are normally shared via cloud storage.
All photos are processed, and some of them are thoroughly retouched.
Follow the link to learn more about photo editing.

Can I get RAW files too?

Would you ask a chef in the restaurant to bring you the ingredients instead of a cooked meal? Similarly, RAW files are unprocessed images. Since I do custom editing of each photo, the client receives only the processed pictures in jpg format.

Can I have all the pictures from the photo shoot?

Candy Fox quality standards allow only for the best pictures to be distributed.

Can I get additional images from my photo session?

Yes, $15/each

What to do if I there's no suitable package option for me?

I work in many genres, so if you want to give a senior photo shoot to your kids or have memorable photos of the event you are hosting just give me a call, and together we will make a tailor-made package that best suits your needs.
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