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I have two newborn baby photoshoot packages: $495 in the studio or on location photoshoots
and $375 in-hospital.
When you think of the newborn photo shoot most likely you are imagining the classic sleeping poses. Most of them are done while the baby is content and sound asleep.
family photo
How to make sure the baby is asleep in the studio? Steps to follow for a trouble-free newborn photo session:
Schedule the session for the morning because typically babies are the sleepiest in the early hours.
Nursing mothers should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, e.g. coffee or tea, and eating spicy foods 24 hours prior to the photo session.
Keep the newborn awake by interacting with the baby for 2 hours before the start of the session as well as in the car on the way to the studio. This is the most important step.
Give your model the longest bath ever and then dress the baby in comfortable clothes or warm fabrics which are easy to unwrap without having to pull the layers over the head.
family photo
Feed the baby 2 hours before the photo shoot as well as upon arrival to the studio.
Bring a bottle of milk and/or a pacifier. Using these helps to soothe babies and significantly reduces the time of the photo session.
Bring blankets and hats that you like.
baby photo in the bucket phamily baby photo
If you decide to carry out a newborn photo session at home, some room preparation will be required:
Remove all the distracting elements from the background.
Choose a place for a session near the window for an even and natural lighting.
Keep the props handy. Hats, blankets, wraps, toys, baskets, diapers, wipes, burp clothes could be useful.
Keep the room temperature at about 80-90 degrees, so that the baby sleeps well and does not freeze since many photographs are taken with the baby without any clothes.
family photo

Baby photography process

Contact me while you are still pregnant (ask me about a maternity photo shoot), let me know your due date,
and we will stay in touch throughout your pregnancy and discuss the details.
pregnant women 1 pregnant women 2
The next day after your delivery, I will see you at the hospital, bringing a basket and some props.
newborn baby in the basket infant baby with brother
It will take me about 5 - 10 minutes to transform the hospital room into a natural light photo studio. If an
older sibling is present, I like to include him too.
family photo
In the end, if you are feeling up to it, I will do some family shots later, or you can sleep through the whole
photo shoot. I am super gentle and never leave a crying infant for the parents to deal with.
newborn photographer

I will edit the baby pictures sometime during the week and send you the Dropbox link to your gallery. You are paying on the day of the photo shoot and if the pictures are not up to your standards, I will return the money (it never happened to me so far, and I am planning to keep it this way)).
Please call/text/email me with questions - I love to talk about babies and share my experience, and if you have an idea I would love to hear it!


I like to swaddle babies in "Milkmaid Goods" swaddles for the feel of their fabrics, but I am not a fan of their
patterns, and I think it may be a bit overpriced. I love blankets with different patterns, textures and styles.
baby photo Look for stretchy fabrics with matching
headbands and hats. I love hats -
bring what you like, and I will use it all.
baby picture My favorite pose for infant photography
is for the baby to be naked or half-naked
where you can see the soft and
sometimes wrinkly newborn skin.
baby photo in the basket I will bring a basket and some other
props, too.
baby photo in the bucket phamily baby photo
Here, you have two options - do the baby photoshoot at your place for more natural, homey feeling or a studio
newborn photo shoot for crisp, staged images.
baby and sister photo baby photography
My recommendations would be a studio for the newborn photography,
home for nine months old and early morning in the park for a year old
for family photo shoots.
family baby portraits kids photography
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