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Understanding the Difference: Portrait vs. Family Photo Editing

The article discusses the differences in editing between Portrait and Family Photography Packages:

Portrait Package ($150): Tailored for individual portraits, includes a 20-minute shoot and two edited images. Editing focuses on precise touch-ups (skin, blemishes, hair), facial symmetry, eye sparkle, makeup, teeth, wrinkles, and slimming for a flawless look.

Family Package: Aimed at capturing family moments, includes a longer 1.5-hour session and 20 edited images. Editing emphasizes color correction, general skin softening, composition cropping, background fixes, and enhancing contrast and colors for a cohesive and vibrant family portrayal.

The main difference is that the Portrait Package offers detailed, personalized edits for individual perfection, while the Family Package focuses on overall coherence and capturing the essence of family connections with a more general editing approach.

20 February 2024
Photographs of restaurants for successful promotion

In the era of social networks and a huge number of advertising images to flood them, it is important for customers to be captivated by the very first image they see. Make your images as expressive and personal as possible by paying close attention to each element they help portray to your possible clients.

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Industrial and business photography

When you choose to work with Candy Fox Photo Studio, you can be sure of a brilliant result expressed in flawless photographs of your factory, plant, workshop, and personnel.

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Mobile photography: tips for taking beautiful pictures with your smartphone

Following the "rules" should in no case make the picture dry - after all, there would be no tennis without the net. What you make directly depends on your ideas, desires, and inspiration!

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that a beautiful shot can only be made with expensive equipment. If you follow the basic rules, your phone can display a picture as good (what it loses in pixel count it can make up for in composition and interest) as a professional camera! All it takes is practice and a good eye.

Iphone, apple, iphone12, COVID-19, photographer, business photo 18 May 2021
Can a smartphone replace the job of a photographer, and what's new in the iPhone 12

To take high-quality, vivid and artistic photos on your phone, you need to have the same skills that professional photographers have, who, in turn, will take a good picture even with a web camera, because they have an understanding of how to take this picture. If you would like to update your portrait with a photographer, I will be happy to provide you with all the information about the session and answer all your questions!

Iphone, apple, iphone12, COVID-19, photographer, business photo 14 December 2020
Photo album - save your story

Looking at pictures that document your family life doesn't have to be a rare activity, as it is for most people nowadays. Every family has a story - save yours with an album!

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The mystery of photogenicity

If you consider yourself unphotogenic (and therefore are afraid to be photographed) and want to chat on this topic, leave a comment - I would be glad to discuss and invite you to a shoot myself.

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All Canon equipment for sale

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Why a professional photo is essential for dating sites

A professional photo for social networks and dating sites is an essential element of your presentation and the first step towards forming a family.

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How to photograph real estate with a smartphone

You can use your smartphone for real estate photography, but you will need some extra tools and knowledge to be able to take photos good enough for marketing.

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How to prepare for your food photo shoot

In this article, I will tell you who is present at the photo shoot, how much time the whole process takes, and most importantly, I will give some advice on how to make everything run smoothly.

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Why food photography is important for your food business

82% of people can buy a meal only because it looks beautiful on the picture, even if they didn’t want it. Therefore, to stand out and build trust in the quality of their products, business owners hire a professional food photographer.

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Is it the camera or the photographer?

In this article, you will learn why professional photographers only choose hi-end equipment

professional photographer 17 September 2018
What is retouching?

Retouching is a digital color correction, elimination of blemishes, removing stray hairs and distracting elements. The task of the retoucher is to complete what was started or realize something that was impossible to achieve during the photo shoot.

retouching 01 August 2018
What is a professional photographer

In this article, you will learn what kind of criteria a photographer should meet to be called a professional photographer.

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How to photograph real estate interiors

Quality photos will guarantee interest in your offer and increase the chances of making a sell. Your goal is to create images that are both attractive and enticing.

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This article answers the most popular questions

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How to choose a photographer - 5 crucial points

Many photographers claim that they have a lot of experience and call themselves professionals. But how can you tell whether they are truthful? From this article, you will learn key elements you need to consider and which questions to ask the photographer before booking a photo session.

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Editing in professional photography - 4 basic steps

Photo editing mainly includes cropping, color correction, retouching, and sharpening. It serves to improve the visual impact, composition expressiveness to the picture.

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