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Understanding the Difference: Portrait vs. Family Photo Editing

In the world of photography, editing plays a crucial role in enhancing the final look of images, making them more appealing and polished. Whether you're getting portraits done or capturing precious family moments, understanding the different types of editing can help you appreciate the value behind each package.
Let's delve into the specifics of editing for two distinct photography packages

Portrait Package

The Portrait Package offers a concise yet comprehensive editing process tailored specifically for individual portraits. Priced at $150, this package includes a 20-minute in-studio photo shoot with two meticulously edited images in JPG format, along with copyrights.
So, what goes into the editing of these two images?

Precise Touch-Up

This involves correcting skin imperfections, pores, dark circles, under eye bags, blemishes, and stray hairs to achieve a flawless look.

Slimming and defining a silhouette

It's often said that the camera can make you appear heavier. To ensure people look as they do in real life, digital slimming may sometimes be necessary. Clothes can wrinkle or bunch around the waist or hips, making you look bulkier, or excess fabric and ill-fitting clothes can add unwanted volume. To address this and achieve a look of well-tailored clothing, subtle adjustments are made. It's about enhancing the natural lines of the body while maintaining realism.

Facial Symmetry and Eye Enhancement

To enhance facial features, slight adjustments are made to ensure symmetry. The eyes, often considered the windows to the soul, receive special attention with cleaning and brightening to make them sparkle.

Makeup Enhancement

In the editing process, makeup is carefully adjusted to highlight natural beauty and create a more refined look. However, digitally lightening makeup can be challenging, so it's important to apply it moderately.

Teeth and Wrinkle Fixing

Any imperfections such as teeth misalignment or color or wrinkles are carefully addressed to create a more youthful and radiant look.
In essence, the Portrait Package offers a detailed and personalized editing experience focused on individual subjects, ensuring that each portrait reflects the best version of oneself.

Family Package

The Family Package provides a longer photo shoot duration but allocates less editing time per photo, focusing on capturing emotions and moments of togetherness, unlike the detailed perfection sought in individual portraits. Although it appears more costly upfront, the Family Package ultimately offers better value. After the shoot, reviewing proofs, and selecting images, you receive 20 photos at $19 each. In contrast, the Portrait Package gives you 2 images at $75 each, with the option to buy additional images at $25 each, making it more expensive per photo.

The editing process for the Family Package is geared towards achieving overall consistency and enhancing the mood of the images

Color Correction

Ensuring consistent color tones throughout the images is vital for creating a cohesive look. Color correction adjusts hues and saturation levels to achieve harmony.

General Editing

This includes softening the skin to maintain a natural look, cropping images for better composition, and fixing minor background distractions to draw focus to the subjects.

Contrast and Color Enhancement

Enhancing contrast and colors helps make the images pop, adding vibrancy and depth to the overall composition.

While the Family Package may not offer the same level of intricate detail as the Portrait Package, it provides a holistic approach to editing, ensuring that each image captures the essence of family bonds and shared moments.
In conclusion, the difference in editing between the Portrait and Family Packages lies in their focus and scope. The Portrait Package prioritizes individual perfection, while the Family Package aims for overall coherence and emotional resonance. Understanding these distinctions sheds light on why the Portrait Package, priced at $150 for two images, offers a more personalized and intensive editing experience compared to the broader editing approach of the Family Package.

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