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Last week, most of the posts in my social media feed were jokes about the virus; now, nobody's laughing.

The most reasonable thing to do appears to be to buy products for the next ten days or so and stay at home in a form of voluntary self-quarantine, isolating yourself from the opportunity to catch the virus.

Yes, now is not an easy time in terms of the economy - it is a blow to every family. All to be done now is to repay debts, pay off loans, and continue to work efficiently from home. Stop visiting grandparents and other senior citizens - isolate yourself as much as possible from other people, as well as objects of public use.

Starting today, I have decided to limit the seemingly endless flow of news about the coronavirus and the situation in the stock market. Instead, I plan to focus on family - to get together and read, take a walk, look at old photos, do some work around the house, and talk to my parents and grandparents on the phone.
I decided to use all the good that can be extracted from the situation and change my priorities - the panic and quarantine will pass and be forgotten, and all the warm moments we make now will remain with us forever. Maybe it's time to unearth an old and dusty board game or enjoy a walk - companionship and fine weather on a weekday in the park, away from people.

I often hear the same thing - between school, work, and extracurriculars, a variety of different schedules within a single family leaves no time for a family photo shoot. Maybe you ought to take advantage of a time like this, when everyone is at home, to schedule one - the weather is lovely for an outdoor shoot, too.

If you so desire, I can take your family photos during your walk. In light of recent recommendations on the quarantine itself, we now offer outdoor portrait and family sessions, maintaining a distance of 3 meters between each person and therefore limiting transmissibility, for the same price.

Our studio will continue business as usual until a case of the coronavirus is detected in Katy, Texas. This way, we will offer our services for as long as it is safe for both ourselves and our clients.

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