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Covid-19 has turned the world into one huge quarantine zone.

A large-scale experiment has taken place around the world: most of those who tested the new work model do not want to return to their old company offices.

Most executives have wondered whether working from home would be effective. The answer to this question was explored at Stanford University. There, they measured the performance of the employees at a Chinese call center, Ctrip. Productivity at home increased by 13%. Employees took less breaks and were in more comfortable conditions. Microsoft came to the same conclusion, and 80% of their workers work from home. Coronavirus helped test this theory on a larger scale, but it is now clear that the effectiveness of remote work depends on corporate culture. If the company promotes the independence of employees, then they show efficiency both a week after the start of the remote work, and a year later.
Today, any phone has a camera and therefore the ability to connect to video conferencing, so people will work remotely. The main disadvantage is the reformatting of relationships. The transition period to the post-industrial economy will take a lot of time and this is the reality.
From a business point of view, the coronavirus damaged many businesses, but became necessary for this transformation. Thanks to the epidemic, our world has now become much more digital in record time. Those who will be able to offer products corresponding to the new time will profit and grow greatly from it. For the first time, a great future exists in which it will be possible (and common) to consume services without leaving one’s home.
After the pandemic is over, corporate culture will not be the same. Some companies will undoubtedly keep at least a portion of their workers employed at home - the employees and managers themselves, having felt the benefits of working from home, will not want to return to offices, and business owners (having measured the KPI of employees and the savings in renting premises and utilities) will leave only the most necessary employees in the office. Therefore, in order to move on and develop, you need to try to transform your business online as much as possible, paying attention to your appearance and image on social networks and online platforms.

A professional portrait will help you build a reputation and give your business a face.

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