candyfox studio

IPS option

When the end result of the photo shoot is just an access to the digital images, you may love them and may want to share a few on Facebook or Instagram, but after that you don’t know what to do next and the gallery ends up being forgotten after a while.
By contrast, if you sit with the photographer in person and get help with the decisions such: which images you’d like to print for your home, which ones would be beautiful in an album, and which you’d like to give as gifts, you’ve have taken a huge burden off your shoulders, ensured those images get enjoyed for years to come and get the top notch quality products.



4x6 - $3
5x7 - $5
8x10 - $9
8x12 - $14
11x14 - $28
12x24 - $60
16x20 - $60
20x24 - $75

Gallery wrapped canvas:

16x20 $375
16x24 $415
20x20 $420
20x24 $570
15x30 $444
20x30 $600
24x36 $804
30x40 $945