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What purpose does it serve? Can we do without it? Is it really important to have one’s portrait taken? These are some of the questions every person pondered in their lifetime.
In the article below Victoria Asinovsky, a portrait photographer in Katy, answers these questions.

Portrait as history

What is the task of the photographer, creating a portrait? To make a photo for the sake of photography? In my opinion, the task is higher: to display, to capture something in time. When the author ponders on this, a series of reasonable questions arise: "What new things can you bring to the world? Or how much does the photo reflect your contemporaries, time that you live in?".
Take an interesting person and tell his story - it will not be just a portrait, but a photo essay. It can contain objects of everyday life, usual environment, current mood, atmosphere.
Photography in its essence seeks to convey reality in all its variety, with all its shortcomings, defects and problems. Although the human eye is unable to notice some subtle differences, the camera reveals everything, as if under a magnifying glass or a microscope.
“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” says the Greek proverb. Every moment of our lives is different, so are we. And when a photographer takes a photo he captures the part of life of an individual.

Portrait as a way of communication

How can you get acquainted with a person before meeting them? Photography is a convenient way to communicate with people you’ve never met before. In this context, body language can say a lot about a person. It can show their internal conflicts, characterize them as weak or energetic, being confident or insecure. Every movement, every breath, and every turn of the head shapes our character, and sometimes our body language can say about us more than we do. In addition, immediate surroundings of the subject, their clothes, props – all this reflects his or her personality and adds depth to the story.

Portrait as self-knowledge
of the author and the person in the frame

The person in the frame is in the spotlight. A photographer can portray a model from a new side or to convey the nature of a person, which can have a beneficial effect on their self-esteem, and help to deal with complexes.

Portrait as awareness of oneself in time

While contemplating a photograph, the portrayed becomes a spectator and gets an image of himself at a particular moment in time. Often due to a distorted image of himself, a person does not appreciate what he has. But after a few years, the picture can become a more valuable document, a memory, a link to the past self. It can evoke forgotten feelings, bring back old memories, and help relive pleasant moments.
In Candy Fox photo studio Victoria creates something that can never be recovered, something priceless, a tangible piece of time.