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People have used different art techniques to depict each other for many centuries. With the advent of photography and one of its major genres - portrait, a new unique language has emerged to capture the image of modern reality and people in it.
The rules applied in classical painting for many centuries, today are successfully used in classic portrait photography. The photographer himself, in many ways, remained an artist, though instead of brushes now he uses a camera, lenses and other photographic equipment.

So what is a classic photo portrait and what are its key elements?

The classic portrait in photography is an image, performed according to certain canons at a high technical level. There are no unnecessary details, all attention is focused on the main character.
The aim of a traditional classic portrait is to show the face of the model in a winning perspective and to complement the effect with the help of a correctly positioned body of the model. As a result, a person on the photograph looks natural and casual. The classic portrait can be considered successful, when the attention is drawn only to the face and its expression.

So what are the features that distinguish the classical picture?

According to Victoria Asinovsky, portrait photographer in Katy, there are three essential components: light, expressive look and a natural and relaxed pose. The emotions of the model are equally important and play a critical role in achieving the unique atmosphere.
Flawless lighting is important, because it emphasizes facial features and shape of the model. Different light accents can create certain moods and a special ambiance. The posture should be natural, rather restrained and aesthetic, in order to achieve a certain feel. These two factors, the pose and the light hide all the defects and, at the same time, emphasize all the existing advantages.