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In this article, we will explain how to avoid typical family portrait preparation mistakes.

It is important to consult with the photographer so that he gives some general recommendations on the preparation and shares his advice on what to wear.

The most common mistakes people do when getting ready for a family portrait session is not discussing with the photographer what they want the result to look like. Tell the photographer how you intend to use the photographs and where you are going to hang them if you plan to print and put them on the wall. Tell the photographer about your interests and preferences.

What are some typical mistakes for a family portrait?

Sometimes kids may not agree on the selection of the clothes, and they may want to go to a photo session in the clothes they chose themselves, a father may want to wear the t-shirt with his favorite team’s logo. This is a recipe for bad photos. Patterns, logos, and graphics are the most distracting elements in family photos. Remember, style and color of clothes you decide to put on must match with the chosen location and theme of the photo session. Otherwise, your portrait will lack cohesion, and your family will look like a group of random people.

Wearing black clothes is not going to work for the group photo, as in family portrait. When you are dressed in black, your bodies lose in volume, and regardless of the location, you will look like a black spot standing close together. This is a color that is very hard to work with in family photography. If you decide to wear dark or subdued colors, make sure that the photographs are taken against the dark background.

On the other hand, vibrant and bright colors look good on white or minimalistic backgrounds that complement the color scheme of the clothes.

If there is one family member who is dressed in the bright-colored clothes, for example, red shirt or yellow pants, this one very noticeable detail will drag all the attention. A person in bright clothes will stand out significantly against other participants of the photo session. It is recommended to wear matching clothes so that the color palette is consistent.

Wear solid colors to make sure the focus stays on your family and not on what you are wearing.

What mistakes can occur when choosing makeup?

In some cases, the mother chooses not to wear any makeup for a family portrait, as at home where she is not used to wearing makeup, or, on the other hand, she can apply bright lipstick as if she was going to the theater. In comfortable clothes and cozy atmosphere of the home, the mother will stand out among other models, and such makeup will look inappropriate and distracting.

Therefore, it is important to consult with the professional photographer so that he gives advice on where to shoot, what to wear, and what makeup to apply to fit the theme of the photo session.