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Unusual ideas for a maternity photography session will allow making original and unforgettable pictures of an expecting mother. Maternity picture ideas for a photo shoot are quickly distributed among young mothers and houston photographers, so it is not so easy to find an original version. However, each mother and her family are unique, which allows you to take unusual pictures, even if the ideas for photos seem standard.

Several creative maternity photography ideas

You can invent numerous creative maternity picture ideas by yourself, or just use some of these:
  • A before-after photo is a classical way to represent the passage of time and the wondrous transformation of your body. A side profile of a pregnant woman is a good way to track the size of a growing belly.
  • One of the options of photography in profile is when the belly peeks out from behind a door, wall or tree, when only the face and the tummy are visible. Very cute!
  • Underwater images convey the incredible effects of floating in weightlessness. Photographs in a swimming pool lit with bright sunshine will mirror the environment of the baby in the tummy. This is one of the most stunning maternity picture ideas.
  • Pictures of the mother dressed in a light, floating gown against a natural background will look mesmerizing. Knitted clothes emphasize the rounded tummy very well. For winter shooting, warm knitted sweaters and dresses are perfect.
  • A mother can put on the most gracious underwear to charm her husband with boudoir photography.
Some other pictures that you can make without effort: a silhouette of the mother against a window, a mother hugging her tummy, with a bouquet of flowers or holding headphones against her tummy to let the child listen to the music.
Siblings can also participate in the photo session. Bring your older children to the photo shoot, and you will get warm and touching photos:
  • Kids hugging the mother from behind or holding their ears against the rounded belly.
  • Children drawing on the belly.

Locations for maternity studio photography session

Maternity photo session can take place in different locations. Photos of the future mother comfortably sitting in a chair or on a soft sofa, by the window or by a fireplace will reflect a comfort of your home. Some other options would be:
  • in the room where the newborn baby will live, in front of the cot with toys;
  • in the living room (it is best to use upholstered furniture);
  • on the windowsill;
  • on the bed;

Family members on maternity photography session

Photos of a woman with her husband will reflect the reciprocity of feelings and romance in the relationship.
  • Parents decorating the room of the baby or standing next to the child's cradle.
  • Dad stroking mother's tummy and kissing it tenderly.
  • The couple holding their hands together in a heart shape.
We hope that these maternity picture ideas will help you make amazing shots!