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In the previous article, you learned how to choose a photography studio in Houston based on such essential parameters as area and lighting equipment.
Now I will tell you about other characteristics of the studio, which you should keep in mind when choosing a photography studio in Houston.


Modern photo studios are well equipped and divided into several areas, which include:
  • paper or fabric backgrounds;
  • interior zones;
  • artistically painted walls;
  • cyclorama.
As a background, most of the photo studios mainly offer replaceable paper and fabric backdrops. As a rule, each photography studio in Houston has black, white, and gray backgrounds (either as a wall or backdrop), and sometimes the range of colors extends far beyond red, yellow and blue.
In some photo studios, houston photographers build entire interiors with the help of replaceable backgrounds, floor coverings, and furniture. The studio can accommodate several interior zones which is very convenient because you can make the photoset more diverse by changing the location.
Also, the photo studio can have textured backgrounds. These can be panels with an abstract pattern, a wallpaper or imitation of a brick wall. Such backgrounds help you introduce diversity into photography.
The artistic coloring of the walls has long been an elegant and proven solution for many photography studios in Houston. There is an exciting variety of colors and materials for creating textures which allow decorating walls in a way that brings more dimension to the background.
Cyclorama is an area that has a smooth transition between the horizontal and vertical surface. Most often it is painted white and is an excellent solution for many types of shooting - for example, full-length portraits for clothing catalogs. Many studios are equipped with large panoramic windows serving as an additional source of light. The lighting from the floor-to-ceiling window looks natural and contributes to soft shadows, and allows you to take beautiful pictures especially when combined with a quality interior.


In photography studios in Houston, there are always props provided for free. These are chairs, plants, cubes, outfits, hats and other wonderful things. Studios accumulate a variety of props over time. Therefore, in newly opened studios, as a rule, the range of available props is limited. Sometimes they are the essential components of a photo session, so if it is a priority for you, make sure that there are specific props in the studio required for your photo shoot.


There must be enough facilities in the studio to provide a convenient and comfortable workflow. A studio, at least, should have a dressing room and a toilet. Usually, photo studios allocate a special room or an area for a make-up artist station.
Some studios are equipped with shower cabins, where the model can wash off the paint after body art photography or a complex make-up.