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People are bored with standard graduation photographs. They are getting more creative when it comes to commemorating the occasion and come up with original graduation photography ideas which are both meaningful and artistic in its expression. Graduation photography became more unusual and personal since people started to focus on capturing the individuality of a graduate. Here are some ideas that will help you make unique and memorable photographs on your special day.

Photography step #1: hobbies and interests

Pick something personal. It is your opportunity to showcase something that means a lot to you.
Use props that represent your hobbies and interests because they show your unique self and make up your individuality. Make a selection of objects that are important to you and bring them to the photo session: a favorite book or album, piece of art that you made during extracurricular classes or sport equipment. It will be a pleasure to reminisce about the good times you had playing in the school band, so take a photo with a drum kit or a violin. All these props which defined your experience in school, became inseparable from your identity.

Photography step #2: creative locations

Once you have decided on props, choose a special location for your graduation photography where you enjoyed spending your time, and that matches your theme. It can be a football field where you scored the decisive goal or the stage where you played a leading role. A library can represent the knowledge, and the main entrance can evoke the memories of the first time you passed through the main doors.
Since after graduating you might leave your city and follow your dreams in another state or even country, it would be a good idea to pick your favorite location that has meant something to you while growing up.

Photography step #3: team effort

Your friends, relatives, teachers are without a doubt the people that helped you on your way to the graduation. They contributed to your success significantly.
Pay them honor by including them in the picture. It will remind you of your good time together.

Photography step #4: humor

Make some humorous photos that both represent the fun time you had in school and show the reality of adulthood.

Photography step #5: future endeavors

You must be having some plans or ideas on how you are going to advance in life. Make pictures that will become a visual reference to your future success in business or career.

We hope that these graduation photography ideas will inspire you!