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The location of the photo shoot plays as important role as the people in the photos. It should be associated with pleasant memories, have personal value to you and treasure a part of your life at the moment.

Choose locations that remind you of the good times and places you used to visit. Nothing says more about the history of your family than your home filled with memories or your favorite country house and its surrounding areas. However, do not confine yourself to your own house. Family portraits can be taken in your favorite place where you enjoy spending time, whether it is an amusement park, a forest where you like to walk with children, a field with tall grass to provide backdrop or shoreline with fantastic views. This is important, because your children, grandchildren or any other people, looking at your family portraits in 20 or more years, will only be able to say something about the life of people in the photographs through details you decided to include.

Moving to another city you may want to save the sights of your home town, or you may want to capture the new views to remember at what age your children moved into the new house. So it is vital to consider what is going to be in the frame. People pay more attention to where the subjects on the photograph are rather than what they are dressed in. Include details that are going to be important and meaningful to you and will say something about the time in which you lived.
In regards to the outdoor photo session make sure that there are no distracting elements in the frame which will drag attention. If you chose to make a photo session in the park, it is better to come there early when there are a few people so that none of them will be present in the family portraits. If you decide to take photographs in your favorite café, choose a place where other people will not be visible in the background.

If you want to make a photo session at home or in your vacation house, choose locations that are going to be meaningful both to you and your children. It may be your porch, your garden or river near the house. If you decide to shoot indoors, make sure that there is proper artificial lighting or lots of windows providing natural light, and also take out the distracting elements from the background.

The more photo studios with a quality interior design get opened, the more people choose to create family portraits there. This is convenient, but are these photographs memorable or meaningful? Although in a photo studio, you have the opportunity to take better-composed images, such locations do not bear any value to your family, so thinks twice when you consider booking a studio.

Conclusion of choosing photography location

When choosing a location for a photo shoot or having arrived at the site keep in mind a few things:
  • A selected location should match with the style and color of your clothes.
  • It should say something about your life in this period of time.
  • Every detail has a meaning.